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The Perch is a magazine published to inform and amuse the English speaking community in and around Cabanyes, Calonge, NE Spain.

The Perch first appeared in 2009 as ‘View from the Perch’ much to the surprise, not to say bewilderment of the refined (mostly) residents of Vizcondado de Cabanyes, an urbanisation nestling alongside Calonge.
Since then, it seems to have been well received, not least as a source of information about developments locally but also on issues that can effect the proprietors of the splendid villas scattered along and above the green (mostly) rich woodlands of this beautiful part of Spain.
Occasionally in The Perch, fiction sometimes masquerades as fact, not least when there appeared to be a real chance of a Formula One Motor racing circuit being established on Cabanyes. Proving, if nothing else, that you can still fool some of the people some of the time. The Perch is edited and produced by John & Helen Duncan and written and illustrated by them aided and abetted by a marvellous group of fellow-residents on Cabanyes.
Quality Estates generously & significantly help to cover printing costs as do Al Vent and a select group of local residents

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